PM Contracting Team


Property Management Services

PM Repair Team offers any and all services a property manager may need: diagnostic and repair of electrical problems, lighting issues, landscaping cleanups, door repairs, rental turns, hardscape and fencing repair and installation.


Illuminate your living spaces with professional, modern, and energy efficient lighting. Outdoor & Landscape Lighting – Interior Lighting – Security/Safety Lighting

Rental Turns

Need to get your property back into leasing condition? The PM Repair Team can help you recover from tenant damage and normal wear-and-tear to your rental facilities. Updating fixtures, hardware, and flooring are great ways to increase the rental value of your property!


Whether you are updating your home of many years, or bringing a newly acquired property into the 21st Century, the PM Repair Team is ready to make this transformation with you.

Roof Repairs

Do you need roof repair or replacement? PM Home Repair Team has you covered! Our professional roofers will protect your property from the elements, and greatly improve both the appearance and sale value of your property.


Straight lines, lasting color… Professional interior and exterior painting by PM Home Repair.

Door Repair & Install

Door scuffing the floor? Hinges loose? Open gaps or cracks? Or is it simply time to replace that front door with something that says “welcome, come in, there is a very nice house behind this beautiful door”? PM Home Repair will fix your portal problems promptly and professionally.


An unprofessional electrical repair can be more dangerous than the original problem. PM Home Repair Team repairs electrical issues correctly – with caution and care – to ensure your house and its power system take excellent care of you and your family for years to come.